Step 1 is a NPO that is dedicated to helping women and children who have been raped and/or sexually abused. We aim to provide a safe and secure environment, where victims can be assisted free of judgement and prejudice. Our primary focus is to provide basic healthcare / medical assistance, as well as trauma counseling to victims.

We educate our victims, as to what medical assistance they will require, we advise on anti-retro viral treatment and emergency contraception, to address the social issues rape present, like unwanted pregnancies and HIV infections. Should the victim decide on legal recourse we also assist in the gathering of DNA evidence (which is often lost) in order for the victim to report the crime.

Our secondary objectives include providing housing for abandoned and abused children who are victims of sexual crimes and who have contracted HIV as a result of being raped or abused. In collaboration with child protection services and other organizations like Childline we endeavour to provide a safe environment for these children, where they can get the necessary counselling and treatment they require and in cases of abandonment, provide a place to stay.

Step 1 will assist in getting sponsorship and funding to ensure these children acquire an education and develop the necessary life skills they will require to be well balanced, emotionally stable adults, giving them the second chance they deserve.
South Africa is currently in its’ 18th year of democracy. With democracy, according to many scholarly articles, comes development, prosperity and growth. Undoubtedly South Africa was grown significantly in the past 18 years. Life expectancy, literacy levels and economic growth and development have increased. However, according to rape statistics in 2011 (17 years after democracy), a women in South Africa has a greater of being raped than learning how to read.Read ArticleSadly rape and abuse is shocking.
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